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Which old or new videosystems do we have?

Artisan can transfer every video system that ever came out on the market. We can digitize all formats to DVD or harddisk and in every desired format (AVI,Uncompressed AVI,Blackmagic AVI, P2 Movie, Quick Time, FLV/F4V, H.264 Blu-ray, MPEG1, Mpeg2, MPEG4, MPEG2 Blu-ray, Windows Media Video (WMV) or MXF File.

All systems are held in top condition.

Oude Video Cassette Recorder Akai VT-300 Video Cassette Recorder                           quantity 2x
Akai VT-100 / VT-110 / VT-120 Akai VT-100 / VT-110 / VT-120 / VT-700                                  8x
akai VT-700 vtr

Akai VT700 Video Tape Recorder  open reel to reel 1973             4x


Akai VT-150

The Akai VT-150 "was the color machine of the VT serie"            1x
 Ampex AVR-3 Quadruplex

Ampex AVR 3  Quadruplex 2 Inch ( Two Inch )                          1x

Playing / Super High Band Pilot / High Band / Low Band / Pal 2"

2" reel / Ampex-144 / Ampex-148 / Ampex-149 / Scotch-400.

Bosch 1

Bosch1" BCN 1" BCN 51/52 1 inch Type BBL 91E. PAL & NTSC     21x

and many spare parts

DVW-A500 PAL and NTSC. So also duplication from DigiBeta PAL to Digibeta NTSC and Digital Betacam NTSC to Digital Betacam PAL


Funai CVC

Funai / Technicolor (Grundig VP-100) CVC (Compact Video Cassette)


 Grundig-SVR-4004 / ITT-241

Grundig SVR 4004 / ITT 241                                                   3x

IVC Video recorder


JVC Nivico Solid State Video Tape Recorder

JVC Nivico KV-350 Solid State Video Tape Recorder                    1x

Digital-S , Digital/s , Digital S ,D9

JVC BR-85E Digital S (D9 Formaat)                                          5x




MII Video format (Formaat)

JVC / Panasonic MII Video Formaat M2 Format                           2x

Panasonic D3


Panasonic D3 Format

Panasonic D5

Panasonic D5 / D5 HD

Panasonic NV-DV10000

Panasonic NV-DV10000 Mini DV / DV (SP & LP )                         1x

Panasonic AJ-D950 DVCPRO50

Panasonic AJ-D950  DV / DVCam / DVC PRO / DVC_PRO50 ( NTSC & PAL )                                                                               25x

Philips D6 Voodoo

Philips / Thomson D6 Voodoo.

Uncompressed HD.


Grundig BK100

Philips LDL-1000 / Grundig BK100                                           2x

Philips LDL 1250

Philips LDL-1250 color version of the LDL-1200

1" Video reel also we have the LDL-1200 B/W VTR

Philips N-1512 VCR

Philips N 1500 / N 1502 / 1512 met BNC uitgang                      10x

Philips N 1700 / N1702 Serie



Philips N 1700 / N1702 with BNC exit                                     12x

 Philips VCC Video 2000


Philips / ITT / Video 2000 VCC                                               3x

prostab promatic


Very Rare      Prostab International LTD,

The Military and scientific video manufacturing company.

The Prostab Promatic 5850 Video Cassette Recorder.

This monochrome video recorder has a 5.5MHZ bandwidth

and 700 TV lines for high resolution recording.

Used for high resolution medical imaging inspection and

weapons analysis, Aircraft & Aerospace.

Shibaden SV-700  SV-800

Shibaden SV-700 / SV-800                                                     2x

Sony EV-310 1


Sony 1" EV-310 1 inch reel to reel recorder (1968) 

We have 2x the CLP-1ce video color pack.


 Sony AV-3600 NTSC

 Sony AV-3600 (NTSC VTR)                                                    1x



Sony AV-3670 Open reel recorder                                            9x



 Sony CV-2100 openreel


Sony CV-2100 Reel to Reel                                                     6x

Sony 1


Sony 1" BVH-2000p/s  1" open reel also named 1 inch Ampex       5x

 Sony D1 4:2:2 Component Digital Recorder


Sony DVR-2000 /Bosch / BTS, D1 Format Uncompressed Component digital 4:2:2 PAL & NTSC                                                     3x  

 Sony D2 Composite Digital


Sony DVR-18 / Ampex D2 Format Composite Digital VCR             4x

 Sony SLO-325 BI Formaat NTSC


Sony Betamax SLO-325 (Speed BI) NTSC                                 1x



Sony Betamax SLT-50ME BII / BIII  NTSC / PAL                        3x

We also have the SL-HF950 Super Beta 


 Sony Video8 / HI8 NTSC en PAL

Sony EVO-9800p & EVO-9800 Video8 en HI8 with AFM & PCM Audio NTSC en PAL                                                                    10x



 Sony U-Matic  SP / BVU SP

 Sony U-Matic SP / BVU SP. PAL & NTSC                                71x


Sony DSR-1800P DVCam / DV and DV-Cam both PAL and NTSC  44x

 Sony Video8 / HI8 / Digital8 NTSC en PAL

 Sony Video8 / HI8 / Digital8 Player NTSC & PAL                      2x


Sony Handycam DCR-IP7E Micro MW ( Micro MV )                     2x

Sony MSW-2100P Beta SP / Betacam SX /  Digital Betacam / MPEG IMX

Sony MSW-2100p plays Betacam-sp / Beta-SX / MPeg IMX / Digital Betacam both PAL and NTSC                                               38x

Sony HDW-M2000P High Definition 1080i and P.  PAL and NTSC

SMPTE 367M  D11                                                           2X

Sony-XDCam HD

Sony XDCam HD Professional Disc Recorder (File Recorder) Pal &    NTSC                                                                               3x

Sony HDCam SR


Sony HDCAM SR 444  HDCAM-SR 4:4:4


Files read from LTO-3, LTO-4 LTO-5 data cartridge and copy to hard disc or hard drive.