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Video & Film

Presentation on VCR or DVD    

Communication that reaches your goal requires outstanding audiovisual presentation. Artisan produces "high impact" company presentations on VCR or DVD. According to your goals Artisan can provide a communicationconcept which sets full focus to your message.

Please contact us for more information on your requirements or production. Our camera and editing team is ready to set full focus to your company.

Encoding of videomaterial

Ofcourse we provide the possibillities to stream your images and films for use online. Think of  MFX Quicktime, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, Realvideo, Flash, AVI, etcetera.

Duplication and normtranslation PAL, NTSC, SECAM

We can also duplicate your DVD's and CD's with a very short delivery time. Normtranslation (PAL/SECAM/NTSC) and transferral to all video formats are some of the possibillities we can provide. (4 Field SDI normtranslation)

Also available : Digibeta NTSC, IMX NTSC & Beta SX Mpeg-HD, MFX Files Normtranslation to PAL

8, 16 and 35mm film to video or DVD
We are capable of transferring 8mm films, Super 8, single 8, Regular 8 and 16mm, Super 16 and 35mm,) to every digital format wanted or to harddrive.

  • (MFX) 35mm to High Definition 1920x1080 HD or 4K
  • 16mm to High Definition 1920x1080 HD
  • 8mm to High Definition 1920x1080 HD