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DVD Duplication

Media duplication

Artisan is capable of duplication of DVD's in small or large amounts in every format and/or system. If needed we can provide your DVD with full color professional print. We can also provide in duplication of other media carriers. We can dupicate DVD's and CD's in all formats and desired amounts.

Coversion of foreign media formats

We are capable of converting your VCR tapes or DVD's (no matter the format) to all desired foreign video formats.  (NTSC, SECAM) and on every desired media (VHS, DV, Betacam, DVD)

We can also convert your tapes to the PAL media format. We can also convert all of your other mediacarriers to DVD

If required we've got a quick service, which means depending on your location, that delivers your copy's within hours from your order. Please contact us for more information on the service and possibillities.

Old Commercial /TV Commercials /STER / Archive

Artisan owns all commercials the Dutch STER broadcasted from March ยด76 until February '98. An archive of about 30.000 commercials.

We have archived them on: product / service / title / advertiser / date / STER number / producer / contracter.

Converting non playable tapes

Artisan is specialised in converting and repairing old tapes that are (water)damaged, sticky, broken or stuck in your recorder.

We can also repair stripes on your recordings or retain audio from wrongly inserted tapes in video8 / HI8 camera's.