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8mm Smallfilm to DVD or digital archive

You've come to the right address for digitizing your 8mm reel.

We use the best equipment to digitize your single 8, double 8 &
super 8 film to digital files or DVD. We use the Cintel C-reality with 8mm gate SD en HD or the Sony BM-2100 Telecine which is completely modified by us with auto diafragma and a Sony DXC-D50 SDI Camera, this telecine provides better images than telecines of this time.

8mm, 16mm and 35mm Film scanning and transferring, duplication and digitizing

Reparing and parts of the BM-2100 telecine                                                                       

Repairing and parts for BM-2100 film scanners                  ( Clawblock  A-3036-362-A )

Artisan repairs and has a range of spare parts for the Sony BM-2100 telecinecorder

as well as clawblocks. We are able to handle full service and repair for these

machines. Please use the contact button or call us on :+3120 6134087

Artisan Video Amsterdam